Twitch is currently one of the most popular live-streaming platforms for gamers. Likewise, the live streaming platform has become the HUB for many game streamers as well as others. The platform’s popularity among fans means that there are many features as well as optimizations for gamers on Twitch. One such unique and useful feature is the Twitch Drops system. This article is regarding whether or not you can get Twitch Drops on Mobile.

A basic overview of Twitch Drops

One of the most unique features that are tailor-made for gamers on Twitch is the Twitch Drops system. It is a very easy way for viewers to earn rare in-game rewards by simply watching a stream. Likewise, viewers can watch streamers for specific games that are Twitch Drops enabled. Consequently, the Twitch Drops system allows game developers to offer in-game rewards to the Twitch viewers of a streamer playing their game. The rewards are given out once the streamer plays the game or completes an in-game mission. It is a very unique way to attract more viewers.

Going to the main topic of this article, you can find out whether or not you can get Twitch Drops on Mobile by reading below.

Can you get Twitch Drops on Mobile?

The short answer is YES. You can definitely get Twitch Drops on Mobile. The way you can earn this reward on mobile is similar to any other platform. Therefore, you have to log in to your main Twitch account that you have linked to a particular game.

The necessary steps to become eligible for the Twitch Drops in-game rewards are the same for both Mobile as well as other platforms. Thus, you can simply link your Twitch account as well as your game account on a game developer’s account connection page. Therefore, you have to watch the participation channel to receive progress to earn rewards. The rewards claim message appears at the top of the chat on mobile for a short period of time. Viewers can claim the Drop from there.

How to get Twitch Drops on Mobile:

1) The first step is to open the Twitch mobile app and log in.

2) Next up, you have to tap on your profile picture. You can find this in the upper left corner.

3) You can then go to the section that says “Drops”.

4) Under the Drops Section, tap on the “All campaigns” tab. You can now choose one of the campaigns and open it.

5) Finally, you can now tap on the highlighted “Participating live channel” hotlink and start watching one of the live videos to collect the drops.

This was regarding whether or not you can get Twitch Drops in-game rewards on Mobile.

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