The newest Pet Simulator X update is here! Jan. 22, 2022’s Glitch Update has brought numerous mysteries for players to explore, including a secret door located right below our noses. To find out where this door is, and what it holds, continue reading below.

Secret door location

Before you can begin your search for the secret door, you’ll first need to ensure that you have Tech World unlocked. The door to this world, which is located inside of Glacier World, can be opened for 7.5 billion Fantasy Coins. Once opened, make your way towards Tech World’s large, blue cannon.

In order to fully enter Tech World, you’ll need to enter this cannon and shoot off across the map. Upon doing so, you will enter Tech World’s Shop World.

Once inside Shop World, locate the purple wall directly across from your character—it should be to the left of the egg stands. This is your secret door! In order to enter this door however, you’ll need a hefty stack of coins, 10 billion Tech Coins and 500,000 diamonds to be exact, so you may need to get grinding!

What’s behind the door?

For those rich enough to open the secret door, you’ll be happy to know that the cost does come with a reward! All players who pay to open this door receive five free pet inventory slots, a The Backroom achievement, and access to two limited edition Hacker eggs! The base Hacker egg costs three billion Tech Coins, while the Golden Hacker egg costs 27 billion Tech Coins.

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