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The Volsiz project started in 2019 as a YouTube channel, and then grew into the Volsiz.Ru news site and has since grown to be the largest and most respected source of entertainment news in the world, serving 10 million readers in 2020 alone. With game guides and YouTube news with over 40,000 subscribers, Volsiz.Ru is the perfect entertainment destination for PC fans.

Volsiz editors share the gaming events that our readers (new and returning) love the most. Our goal is to provide the best and most engaging content available to our website visitors.

Our team:

Vladimir Volsiz Volsiz (YouTube Publisher, Editor-in-Chief)
John Djon Fomi Fomi (Editor-in-Chief)
Nikolay Nickolay Mitrov (Editor)
Vlad Vlad Никифоров Nikiforov (Editor)
Dmitry t3chno Motorov
Ivan fort Fort

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