Cross-platform availability is gradually becoming a standard in the gaming industry. It is understandable: it is convenient to unite friends from different consoles and PCs on one server, plunging into exciting battles against bots or living people. So the audience is asking if there is crossplay in Battlefield 2042.

Indeed, DICE has implemented a full-fledged cross-platform. The feature was announced long before the beta version appeared, and then it turned out that the developers had made a full-fledged Cross-progress.

This allows you to start on one device, continue on the second, have a common account and see statistical information. Everything is recorded on the server, from where it is sent through the “cloud” and displayed on your device.

battlefield 2042 is there crossplay

How Battlefield 2042 crossplay and cross-progress works

Cross-platform tested on PS4, Xbox One / Series X and PS5. It is important to note that older gaming devices support medium-sized maps, where the audience size does not exceed 64 people. Gamers on a personal computer can try out the maximum option for 128 fighters, which guarantees an impressive scale of what is happening.

How important is cross-progress and was it missing before? Not all previous parts supported the corresponding functionality. For example, Bad Company 2 has a known bug that prevented seeing statistical information. Unfortunately, one digital copy cannot be used on different devices. And this move would not hurt the modern industry.

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