Veterans of the racing series from Microsoft will remember very well that in previous parts there was no opportunity to shake off an unnecessary wheelbarrow to a colleague or casual gamer. As a result, closer to the end of the campaign, the vehicle fleet consisted of dozens and hundreds of useless vehicles. Now let’s explore how to sell a car in Forza Horizon 5. Such a mechanic is indeed provided for in the fifth part.

There is a special auction house in the online market format. For sale visit the Festival Site, available in Mexico, or head to your own cabin (available in the case of previously purchased virtual real estate). In the “Auction House” section, go to the “Buy and Sell” section.


We are interested in the item “Start auction”. Then we choose a car and drive in the initial cost, after which the gamers will place bets one by one. It is clear that the final result may be lower than your expectations. You can choose the expected duration of the auction. If the sale does not work for you, set a higher value.

forza horizon 5 race guide

How do I sell a car in Forza Horizon 5? Guide and tips for beginners

It’s important to note that rare and premium models sell best. All the rest of the big excitement from potential buyers do not cause. There is another interesting option: buying and selling cars that were previously used by other racers.

Use the “Search in auctions” option, where you will only need to select a suitable brand. You can set various criteria, and then sort by the results. Confirmation is made at Buy Now.

What other guide is relevant to you for the newly-minted project from Microsoft? Write about it in the comments.

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