The free version of Halo has been released on Steam, which allows everyone to try out the project without additional injections of money. Let’s take a look at how to change weapons in Halo Infinite and swap them for a nicer cannon. Weapons differ in damage characteristics, rate of fire and ballistic model features.

Please note that the optimal control layout was created for the proprietary Xbox controller, and the keyboard and mouse are not played so effectively. This is confirmed by gamers in the first reviews of the shooter. Therefore, it is recommended to use exactly that great gamepad, which provides pleasant feedback when firing at a target.

To change the button, go to “Settings”, select the tab with your controller and scroll down to the On Foot subsection. There is a parameter directly responsible for switching the barrel. You can choose the option that suits you. For example, TAB or Q.

halo infinite change weapons

How do I change weapons in Halo Infinite? Ways to change the gun

By default, the Y button is used, and to replace it, you need to press A on the gamepad, then drive in the desired option. The same works with a QWERTY keyboard, but in practice it works much worse. The reason is the absence of vibration, which is important for the different sensations of recoil and damage.

Is it comfortable to play with standard methods? It takes practice, as the difference in gameplay compared to Battlefield 2042 and other multi-platform shooters is obvious. What else to tell you about in the guides on the shooter from Microsoft? Ask questions in the comments.

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