In the fifth part of the racing arcade game for Microsoft platforms, there are a variety of abandoned cars from time to time. They can be found in garages, but require subsequent restoration. Let’s learn how to pick up a rarity in Forza Horizon 5 and use it in the future. Garage objects open gradually, do not rush.

To get a car for your personal collection, go to the festival site (or visit your own house) and click on the  Rare Books  section. This tab is located under the “Garage” section of your interface. On a yellow background, there is a figure showing the number of cars that can be picked up at the moment.

On the display we look at the transport, where there is a mark “Ready”. Accordingly, such a model is ready to receive. If the clock symbol is on, it remains to wait for further recovery, and then visit the tab again. Instant repairs are acceptable, but the cost is critically high at an early stage. Often times, a gamer cannot afford these costs.

forza horizon 5 vintage cars

How do I collect a rarity in Forza Horizon 5? Arcade Racing Guide

It is important to note that the developers have creatively approached the notification system, indicating the completion of the recovery process. You are not just reading text notes, but waiting for a conversation with the characters. From time to time you will receive incoming calls on your mobile phone, answer them.

In the dialogues, pay attention to the specific cars indicated by the heroes. Their list is constantly changing, especially at the later stage of the campaign. By that time, the range of wheelbarrows is impressive, it is easy to get confused in them. I hope this guide was helpful to the reader.

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