Now everyone can try the shareware version of the multiplayer shooter from 343 Industries, and the campaign will be released in December. Let’s consider how to earn credits and get money as quickly as possible in Halo Infinite, relying solely on honest methods. The guide is aimed at novice gamers.

The in-game economy is implemented through monetization with the ability to purchase a Battle Pass, cosmetic improvements, etc. Today there is a purchase through an internal store, the cost is about 350 rubles for 500 credits. The larger the volume, the higher the total savings. It turns out to be more profitable to purchase large sums with discounts.

When completing various quests, obtaining new ranks and using the Battle Pass, there will be no accruals. This is the logic of the developers who released the project under the auspices of Microsoft Corporation.

halo infinite earning guideHow do I get credits in Halo Infinite? The only way to earn currency

343 Industries currently has no other options. It is possible that bonus points will be awarded during thematic events and special events organized by the authors. In seasonal activities, options with free earnings are likely to appear, but now the functionality is significantly limited.

If you want to immediately get a specific item, you can use its direct purchase. Take advantage of the user-friendly interface, which gives you the opportunity to open an interesting gun, cosmetics or piece of equipment. Everything is available almost from the first day after the release.

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