DICE’s new shooter has received mixed reviews due to technical issues, but the benefits abound. Let’s take a look at how to tag enemies in Battlefield 2042, since pinging is extremely important in BF2042. By deciding to mark it on the map, you make life easier for your squad and teammates in close combat.

And aviation, acting as support and interacting with heavy equipment on the field, will be able to more effectively deliver air strikes against marked targets. This mechanic wanders from one part of the BF to another, practically without changing conceptually. I advise you to do this through the approach and the muzzle of the cannon.

As close as possible to the point flickering in front, press Q. At this moment, the fighter will utter a line in the spirit of “sniper at 10 o’clock”. If you make a mistake, a green dot will simply be displayed, indicating your order to proceed to the specified point. You need to slightly hold the buttons, otherwise the order menu will appear on the screen.

battlefield 2042 review

How do I tag enemies in Battlefield 2042? Ways to mark targets in BF2042

PlayStation consoles use R1, while Microsoft console uses RB. Choosing a specific command and pinging an enemy is not the same action.

In the first option, you can issue an indication of defense or defense. But it will only work in a situation where the teammates in the squad are the guys with whom you chat via voice chat, in Discord or other communication services.

Ping is just a message: the target is fixed. The optimal character for such combat reconnaissance is Boris, since there is a special gun. In the case of Kasper, the hero sends forward a special drone that serves as a support and support. Combat skills are modest, but as a scout, we get an ideal option.

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