From time to time, the Paradox Interactive team releases new thematic updates designed to significantly expand and complement the basic gameplay in this wonderful 4X strategy. Moving from the fantasy world to outer space has proven eminently successful. Consider how to play for the Amazons in Age of Wonders Planetfall, if this faction causes you a misunderstanding.

A biochemical ingredient is used as the main element that makes this side unique. Accordingly, it is biological damage that is inflicted most intensively, and in the second group there are thermal elements and powerful lasers. The key to success in this case lies in the technological advancement of Xenoplague.

As befits a female warrior, brave ladies rely on ranged weapons. Defeating targets from a long distance allows you to comfortably get rid of impending threats with just one swoop. The special perk Amazon Assault gives the hero an advantage when using a bow. Among the techniques, we swing the colonial “Border” and definitely improve the “Green Awakening” .

age of wonders planetfall ps4 review

How do I play Amazons in Age of Wonders Planetfall? 4X Strategy Guide

The aforementioned Xenoplague technology includes three consecutive parts with various effects. The Plague Pods modifier allows you to strengthen infantry troops, and in combination with biochemical weapons, we get an excellent combination.

Bio-modifications transform the faction into an invincible team, capable of effectively conquering vast territories. The optimal habitat is planets covered with dense forests. The offensive mod is useful if you are going to forge alliances with artificial intelligence.

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