Every year after the next championship, this time sensationally won by the Russian-Ukrainian team “Team Spirit”, there is a surge of interest in the cult MOBA game from the Valve studio. Let’s consider how to disable the splash screen in Dota 2 if it annoys you, and you simply don’t want to watch it every time you start the client. I perfectly understand such people.

The need to turn off this animation is obvious if you value your own time, want to speed up the search for the next match, and want to slightly unload system resources. The download speed is especially improved on weak PC configurations. Owners of top-end computers do not have to bother, but everyone else will definitely feel the increase.

I note right away that thoughtlessly deleting files in the directory with a video game is a wrong approach. The reason is that the developers use advanced software to identify unscrupulous gamers. And the likelihood of account blocking increases along with all titles, awards, emblems and a variety of cosmetics.

dota 2 disable screensaver

How to turn off the splash screen in Dota 2 from Valve? Legal method

Find the second “Dota” in the stim library, right-click on it and go to “Properties”. There are parameters for launching, where you should write (without quotes) the command “novid “. We save the changes made, close the client (if it was started) and restart it again. Additionally, you can open the console, where you can enter “map_enable_background_maps 0″.

It is known that anti-cheat will not react to such edits in any way, since the developers initially provided for them in the game code. You will not need to repeat the procedure, except in situations where Steam has to be installed on a new computer. Or completely reinstall the operating system with cleaning the installed software.

Still have questions about the video game? Ask them in the comments, we will try to solve your problem together. And additional guides on “Dota” in the blog will not hurt.

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