SMT 5 turned out to be a really bright event in the JRPG genre, especially if you are bored with peaceful children’s stories. The Atlus team has created a fantasy world in the setting of the apocalypse. As before, the action takes place in the capital of Japan. Let’s take a look at how to earn fame in Shin Megami Tensei V, how to farm it efficiently and what to spend on it.

The developers decided that the most powerful concept is to study the Wonders located in the World of Shadows. Their list includes a variety of improvements and updates to slightly simplify the further passage of the video game. Therefore, the complexity of the gameplay can be flexibly adjusted depending on your preferences.

The first option is to search for 200 collectible Mimans scattered around the world. With their help, you can collect 100-0 points at once, which is enough for basic Miracles. But there will certainly remain objects that are temporarily unattainable for purchase.


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How to farm glory in Shin Megami Tensei V? Atlus JRPG Guide

The next way to earn this resource is to find a variety of chests. Inside are hidden treasures called Amalgams. The color of such boxes is always white. After using an item called “Glory Crystal”, you will see an increase in the required resource. Monsters from the Nigi Mitama category are perfect for farming.


It remains to understand where to spend the extracted. By visiting the World of Shadows, you can exchange raw materials at a profitable rate. When studying Miracles, the characteristics of the protagonist are significantly improved.

The initially meager list is gradually expanding, as a result, the main character will have unique skills. These abilities are especially in demand when fighting bosses, especially those encountered in the second part of the campaign. Making money isn’t easy, but you can do it.

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