Version 2.0 of this popular MMORPG has the opportunity to explore your own mansion. Consider how to get to the estate in Lost Ark and what to do in general in personal real estate received as a gift from King Sillian. When you level up to 50 LVL, you will have access to the quest “The Herald’s Invitation” and you will be able to participate in a special ceremony.

As a reward, we receive the “Song of the Blessed Land”, which allows, after the performance, to get into unique lands. When you first discover the estate and go there, you will see Adele. The character will tell you what the mechanics are and what features are available in the new location. On the left side of the display, a special panel for entering a name will appear.

The main indicator is the level of your land. If you take any action, the level wobbles. Activities include crafting, exploring territories, completing sea quests, and more. Pay attention to the energy spent on various activities. If the Energy parameter is insufficient, the action will not work.

lost ark guide mmorpg

How do I get to the Lost Ark? Guide to MMORPG, popular in Russia and the world

Look at Expansion for complete information on all studies. Rock the Lab, giving you access to unique research projects. Then itinerant merchants will appear on the ground, ready to conclude a trade agreement with you. The range of products available for purchase is limited.

Chatting with Dolores will open the Workshop. There you can make weapons, items for battles, culinary dishes, and more. There are also cosmetic decorations that can radically change the appearance of this object.

The Naval Headquarters for expeditionary sorties stands apart. If you send your pet to them, the probability of success and rewards increase. Explore the Special Missions tab for fun activities. As for the exterior design, there are many beautiful hedges, the ability to install additional real estate, fountains and more.

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