The general rawness of the recent shooter from EA and the development studio DICE does not prevent gamers from enjoying the process. This is facilitated by good shooting mechanics, which migrated from the previous parts without significant changes. Learn how to reduce bullet spread in Battlefield 2042 and shoot accurately based on position and situation.

The network code is imperfect, so don’t be surprised when you can’t hit a target from medium to long range. This will be fixed with patches, for now I will give general recommendations for gamers. And the first of them is to train more actively with bots, gaining experience with different guns and studying their recoil.

There is a body kit that partially solves the problem (but not 100%). If you are waiting for a fully polished and high-quality shooter, I recommend that you wait from a month to six months. The DICE team is actively working on patches. The first option to remedy the situation is not to kill the enemy in a raid or in a jump. Otherwise, the scope increases significantly, which affects the spread.

battlefield 2042 how to shoot

How to Shoot in Battlefield 2042 – Slightly Reducing Bullet Spread

Second recommendation: stop firing in long bursts. Better to fire 2-3 shots in the area of ​​the helmet than to repeatedly shoot at the torso, where the armor is higher. Especially if a particular class of fighter involves the use of appropriate protection. This is true when using stationary machine guns and cannons built into vehicles.

In a sitting position, firing is relatively comfortable, but accuracy is lower than when lying down. Slightly less problems arise if you choose a server with 64 players on the map (instead of 128). Gamers report better stability and performance there. Having minimal ping is equally important.

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