Atlus’s brilliant JRPG has proven to be a shining representative of the genre and one of the most memorable projects for the Nintendo Switch. Players will be interested to know how to recruit demons in Shin Megami Tensei V if you can’t recruit them the first time. There is no Russian language on the release, it’s hard to play without knowledge of English.

During the battle, your partners can be up to three unique creatures. Plus, a huge number of creatures can sit on the “bench”, summoned at the right time and differing depending on the damage dealt. The variability is truly colossal, the concept of rock, scissors and paper really works.

Recruitment is directly carried out during battles, there is a special “Chat” button. Sometimes, as a reward, they will demand to pay money, give out a treat, or fulfill other conditions. There are rogues and deceivers, as well as very aggressive monsters. Only brute force works with the latter.

shin megami tensei 5 how to recruit a demon

How to recruit demons in Shin Megami Tensei V? JRPG Guide

Game designers from Atlus tried to make the mechanics more varied than they were in the fourth part. For example, sometimes the phrase Unreg pops up in dialogs. It shows that the type of monster is new and unique, which was not present in your pool earlier. There is also Mitama and others like them – they simply will not work.

Conceptually, it is better to clear the field, leaving only the comrade you would like to add to the team. Then the fight will not turn out to be meaningless, you will get a certain percentage of experience guaranteed. The general list of demonic entities is 200+. Pay attention to the phase of the moon that affects your outlook and mood.

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