The passage of the Forgotten City offers the player a decent amount of variability in terms of the actions they take. Sometimes they really affect the ending, so let’s study how to free Dooley in The Forgotten City. The character is able to support the protagonist, he has many interesting dialogues. How to act in this situation?

During the first communication, when the NPC is behind bars, he tells the player an interesting detail. It turns out that he has a unique key that allows him to get to the treasure. The trick is that just picking the lock won’t work. It is necessary to achieve a favorable location for Galerius, making him a master.

When Galerius is elected, he will communicate with Horace about the release of the protagonist. After the Persian leaves the cell, do not forget to chat with him. Then we run into the camera and grab the sign located on the left.

the forgotten city guide

How to free Dooley in The Forgotten City? About the reasons to hurry

You need to hurry, because soon the liberated one will begin to break the golden rule. Therefore, you may not have time to take loot.

After what happened, you have to quickly return to the portal for further actions related to the passage of a fascinating story. The above will have  far-reaching consequences in  the Forgotten City.

Sometimes the golden rule will have to be broken on your own if you want to get to the most interesting moments in this work. If you need more information, ask questions in the comments.

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