This interesting tactical shooter has been unfairly ignored in our blog for a long time. Now let’s learn how to turn on the flashlight in Ready Or Not, since many gamers cannot figure out the mechanics exactly. Synchronization with partners and clearing objects is unthinkable without activating the light source.

Many unlit areas need to be highlighted. Since the game is realistic, the flashlight needs to be attached to the grenade launcher. Accordingly, by default, activation is carried out on the Extra-mouse button. But be careful: if there is no light at all, an alternative fire mode may be activated.

The settings vary depending on the gun you’re using, so try to be smart. There are also restrictions depending on the mission to which the friendly team is sent.

If there is no special additional key on the mouse (if you are not fond of eSports), it is logical to reassign the button in the options. Fortunately, the developers have provided flexible customization of control, so you can achieve incredible convenience.

What is the best button to assign? I recommend setting the left ALT in the options, it is nearby. Illumination of the surrounding area will greatly facilitate your life during special operations. This is not an action game for the sake of shooting, but a game based on accurate interaction with the world. Quiet passage is recommended for deep immersion in the setting.

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