The passage of “Cyberpunk” continues to be in demand among fans of high-quality RPGs in the open world. Yes, and in a memorable setting. Unfortunately, there are enough shortcomings in the work, and not everyone has improved the technical aspects. Note how in Cyberpunk 2077  to read the archive dialogue from the chip, that is, to hack it?

The CD Projekt RED team has  implemented a relatively simple but memorable algorithm of actions. We have several information carriers at our disposal, in which a lot of useful information is recorded. We go into the inventory (opens on I from your PC in the English layout), we are interested in the “Journal” subsection.

In it, open the Chips menu, where the module is marked, in which there is already an entry of interest to Vee. We open the element, get a small archive with data, remember what we saw for further use.

How to read archival dialogue from the chip in Cyberpunk 2077? Tips and walkthrough

The problem may arise if the last time you saved was a relatively long time ago. There is a motivation to plunge to the last point, and then carefully read the messages received by the protagonist. Don’t miss anything if you pay attention.

Especially often the bug occurs on the consoles of the eighth generation. And surprisingly, if you decide to pass the work in question there. The overall level of optimization remains low, I recommend PC or Next Gen.

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