After setting up your first base with the heart of the castle, you will have many small tasks to follow, and will, among other things, have to beat a first boss, the Alpha Wolf, but also start collecting copper, to improve various equipment.. However, you will be asked to improve the heart of the castle, and for that, you will need leather, a resource that is not found as such (except in some chests), since it will have to be crafted.

Therefore, if you have not found the solution to crafting and obtaining leather in V Rising, we tell you all the steps to follow.

How to get and craft leather in V Rising?

If you need leather, but don’t know where to find it, first know that leather in V Rising is obtained from animal skin. Then, it is necessary to use the tannery, so that this skin is transformed into leather. Problem, the tannery can only be unlocked one way. You will have to beat a boss, Keely the Frost Archer, the fourth in the Altar of Blood. The latter is level 20, but you can try to fight her a little earlier. However, you will need to have improved your equipment to put the odds on your side.

Once you defeat him, you’ll unlock new recipes and structures, including the Tannery. All you have to do is craft it to get this precious resource. Note that you will need 8 planks and 160 animal skins to craft it. For leather, 16 hides give one unit of leather.


All you have to do is go hunting for animals, especially wolves or bears, in order to farm animal skins and launch a massive production of leather. You will be able to improve the heart of the castle and your equipment.

V Rising  remains available on Steam. Other guides are available to help you in this adventure.

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