Rockstar has released the first 1.02 patch for Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition. According to the studio, they’ve fixed many minor bugs that severely spoiled the game experience and affected gameplay.

Below are just some of the changes:

Numerous localization issues have been fixed;
Fixed several cases of incorrect or inappropriate textures;
Fixed several cases of the camera cutting off a number of objects;
Fixed several cases of problems with character models in the clips;
Fixed a bug that caused Pay ‘N’ Spray doors to be closed, preventing the player from entering;
Fixed a bug that could cause the player to increase their running speed by quickly changing weapons;
Fixed a bug that caused the game to freeze when entering a vehicle after completing a Triad War.
Check out the full list here.

On November 19, Rockstar apologized for the low quality of the remaster. The company has promised to fix all bugs.

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