An engineer named Victor Toth decided to train rats to play DOOM 2. To do this, he built a special “VR unit” that allows animals to control the character.

The controller is a special ball. Fumbling with its paws, the rodent guides the character along the corridors and shoots at enemies. Learning the “correct” game takes place with the help of a special tube, which is located at the level of the animal’s face. If an action, such as a shot, was taken correctly, the rat receives sugary water.

Rats Running in Doom

After several attempts, the rats learned to pass the level without support. True, the engineer still had to get into the code and disable the ability to inflict damage on enemies. Otherwise, Dumgai would have been killed too quickly.

The experiment involved 3 rodents named after the creators of the shooter: John Carmack, John Romer and Tom Hall.

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