Director Johannes Roberts gave an extensive interview to Entertainment Weekly. During the conversation, he talked about his love for games, growing up on horror movies, the upcoming film adaptation and his attitude to previous films in the franchise. The filmmaker also complained that he still hadn’t been able to get hold of a new PS5.

Обитель зла: Раккун-Сити – трейлер

Roberts noted that he grew up on classic horror films based on the works of Stephen King and John Carpenter. The director emphasized that the motives and spirit of these films will definitely be reflected in Resident Evil: Raccoon City. He also stated that the level of nightmare he saw in Resident Evil 2 Remake was exactly what he would like to see in his picture.

Johannes Roberts

Johannes Roberts

However, fans of “Mister X” or Tyrant will be disappointed. The director did not insert it into his film, as he did not want to violate the integrity of the narrative. The premiere of the film is expected on November 25.

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