Studio Grimbart Tales will release the metroidvania ITORAH in spring 2022. The platformer is made in the setting ofMesoamerican legends. In the world of Naukan, the heroine Itora fights opponents and tries to save its inhabitants.

ITORAH | Action-Platformer | Metroidvania | Dev Commentary 2021 | Trailer (EN)
“I can promise you that behind all the incredible colors in ITORAH, there is a deep, emotional and dark story that will appeal to players of all ages. Our team strives to create games that will give nostalgia to the older generation of gamers and will be great fun for the new one, ”said Arthur Becker, lead artist, art director and co-founder of Grimbart Tales.

ITORAH’s gameplay combines platform battles, puzzles, and storyline. A demo of the game is already available on Steam. The action will be released on Steam and GOG.

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