Epic Games has announced the conclusion of the second chapter in Fortnite. This significant event will take place on December 5 at 00:00 Moscow time. Players will embark on their final battle in hopes of saving the island.

Тизер заключительного события второй главы Fortnite — «Финал»
“Team up with friends and players around the world to face the devastating influences of Parallel. The Final Event supports large groups of up to 16 players, so no one will be left offended, ”reads the description of the new item.

The developers recalled that it will be possible to take part in the event only once. And all users who log into the game before the end of the season will receive 225,000 experience points as a reward.

Before the final battle, players should complete the remaining tasks and pick up the unreceived rewards. Otherwise, they can be lost without the right to restore.

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