Japanese retailers have announced new measures to combat speculators who buy PS5s in stores and resell them on the secondary market at a huge mark-up. Now, in some networks, they began to write the name of the buyer on the PlayStation 5 box, as well as shoot factory film. In some cases, the packaging of the controller is also removed, and a special mark is put on it – in order to create the impression that this is a second-hand console.

Such consoles drop in price dramatically in the secondary market, and it is much more difficult for scalpers to resell them. It also increases the likelihood that the PS5 will actually hit the gamer and not the reseller.

However, it looks like it will become more difficult to acquire the PlayStation 5 on the free market . Earlier, the media reported that Sony is facing difficulties in the production of new consoles. The Japanese giant planned to collect more than 16 million consoles for the current fiscal year, but decided to reduce this number to 15 million.

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