Valorant is down today, January 11, 2022. Valorant is not working right now, let’s sort out what’s wrong with Valorant and why it’s inaccessible 1/11/2022.

According to the graph provided by the Downdetector service we can see that 664 users are experiencing problems with Valorant. Valorant outages reported in the last 24 hours.

The most frequently reported problems with Valorant today 2022/1/11

Most reported problems 55% Server Connection 24% Website 21% Game Play.

When will Valorant start working?

There are no official announcements from the developers of Valorant yet. We will update this news if more information becomes available.

What exactly is not working for you right now? Refresh the page from time to time and follow us – we add new information in real time. You can write a comment and attach a screenshot of what’s not working for you right now!

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