TUSMO solution of the Word of the Day of August 6, 2022?

Every day, at midnight, the excellent site TUSMO.xyz offers you to find the “WORD OF THE DAY”, which will be composed of six to nine letters. For August 6, 2022, the word to find consists of nine letters and begins with the letter “D”.

If you don’t feel like looking for the word of the day or you’re out of ideas, you’ll find the TUSMO solution for August 6, 2022 below.

See the TUSMO Word of the Day solution for August 6, 2022



TUSMO Solutions of the Continuation of the Day of August 6, 2022?

The “CONTINUATION OF THE DAY” is another game offered on a daily basis, however, like the “WORD OF THE DAY” which will ask you to find a single and unique word, the continuation, as for it, will give you the opportunity to search for four words of six, seven, eight and nine letters. For TUSMO lovers who would have some difficulty finding one of the four words present in the Suite du Jour, here are the TUSMO solutions for August 6, 2022.

See solution 1 of the Continuation of the Day of August 6, 2022



See solution 2 of the Continuation of the Day of August 6, 2022



See solution 3 of the Continuation of the Day of August 6, 2022



See solution 4 of the Continuation of the Day of August 6, 2022



TUSMO, what is it?

The TUSMO game  takes up the concept of the very famous TV show Motus, which was broadcast on France 2 from the beginning of the 1990s until 2019. For those who have never heard of Motus and all the derivatives that have appeared lately on the Internet, the rules are quite simple since the players aim to find a word with a defined number of letters, having as one and only clue the first letter of this same word.

Of course, the words to guess are in French and must exist in common dictionaries. Participants will have six tries to try to find the word. Each of the proposals can only begin with the imposed letter of the day. Once the first proposal is submitted, colored letters will appear.

  • The RED letters are well placed and in the right place.
  • The YELLOW letters exist in the word but are misplaced.
  • The other letters are not present in the word of the day.

The most discerning will have understood, but these indications are essential to find the words as quickly as possible. You just have to brainstorm or use the given solution

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