It was more or less expected but the Netflix Cyberpunk Edgerunners series does Cyberpunk 2077 a lot of good.

Gamers Return to Cyberpunk 2077 Thanks to Netflix

Broadcast since September 13 on Netflix, the Cyberpunk Edgrunners animated series has been a great success. Both in terms of press criticism and spectators who salute the adaptation work of Studio Trigger (Kill la Kill). On Rotten Tomatoes as on IMDB, the consensus is there with high averages. But this success goes beyond since it fully serves the interests of CD Projekt Red and its Cyberpunk 2077.

In recent days on Steam, the number of simultaneous players has climbed to 70,000. Unheard of since January 2021, a month after its launch, as noted by Benji-Sales. An ephemeral comeback? No. It continued to increase to reach 85,555 concurrent players a few hours later. And even though it’s now down to around 50,000, Cyberpunk 2077 is much more popular than it was before Cyberpunk Edgerunners was released on Netflix.


However, CD Projekt Red is not at its first attempt. This synergy has already been seen with the Netflix series The Witcher which brought players back to The Witcher 3. A method that PlayStation certainly hopes to reproduce with its multitude of adaptations, including The Last of Us series.

Cyberpunk will also be relaunching in 2023 with the unique Phantom Liberty DLC, but after that there shouldn’t be any big additional content. The Polish studio teams have enough to do to achieve their very big ambitions with The Witcher 4.

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