The case follows an initial lawsuit, stemming from legal proceedings initiated by Bungie. The American studio continues its fight against the cheat software present on its Destiny 2 game. However, this time the move backfired on Bungie. Aimjunkies, a company specializing in the creation and distribution of cheat software, is the target of this procedure.

However, among the evidence presented by Bungie during the trial, some information could not have been obtained unless it was entered illegally and without permission, on the company’s devices.

In this context Aimjunkies, and its parent company Phoenix Digital have decided to take legal action in turn. By insisting that Bungie had therefore violated Aimjunkies’ software terms of use. Also, among the devices that Bungie would have had access to, we can find the personal computer of James May, one of the members of the company. The incursions to recover the data were reportedly made several times.

Note that this is not the first legal exchange between the two groups. A judge had already cleared Aimjunkies in a first copyright case, saying the software was an original production and did not conflict with Bungie’s intellectual property.

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