We were waiting for the announcement of the Iron Man game during the Marvel Games conference, but EA played the sobriety card with a simple press release. A very instructive message, however, which informs us of the plans beyond this first collaboration.

Iron Man and other Marvel games in development at EA

A few hours ago, EA confirmed to be at work on a very ambitious single-player Iron Man game and even unveiled a first image. While waiting to find out if the Motive Studio teams will indeed be able to produce the “ultimate Iron Man game”, Electronic Arts has the full confidence of Marvel and Disney. Yes, even after the Star Wars Battlefront 2 scandal.

The game (note: Iron Man) is currently in the pre-production phase and we will keep you informed of the progress of development. It’s a promising new collaboration between Marvel and Electronic Arts, with Iron Man being the first of several new games. Motive is actively recruiting to expand its teams and you can check the job offers on its site if you are interested in helping them create the ultimate Iron Man video game.

A suitor to follow up on Iron Man? Yes, and that would be Black Panther. According to journalist Jeff Grubb, EA is developing a Black Panther game that should give us a new incarnation of the character. “Following the death of Black Panther, players take on a whole new incarnation of the hero of Wakanda,” he said. The black panther will also be the subject of another title alongside Captain America, among others, designed by the creator of Uncharted.

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