Steelrising  is available from September 8, 2022 on PS5, Xbox Series and PC. The action-RPG, with a very Souls-like approach, from the Spiders studio and Nacon has made a great impression on the specialized press and on players. Moreover, they will soon be able to take advantage of New Game +.

Rather expected, the New Game + should arrive at the end of this month on Steelrising. Indeed, as indicated in a recent post on the official Twitter account of the software or on the dedicated Reddit page, the New Game + must be available on September 29., on all game platforms, through a patch. As a result, you probably already suspect that you will obviously have to download this new update to take advantage of this mode.

Gather around! The New Game Plus is coming to Steelrising!

Date? Details? Ask no more…
You can check everything you need to know here 🔽

Are you ready for it?

— Steelrising (@PlaySteelrising) September 21, 2022

About Steelrising’s New Game+, the devs at Spiders wrote, ” For anyone who’s seen the credits screen, be prepared for a more challenging New Game+ gameplay experience that will allow you to keep your weapons, your level, gear, and stats, but the enemies will also have some upgrades.”

Besides, the said patch will bring some new things to the game, including a new weapon, a new outfit, enemy variations, and several fixes. At this time, we don’t yet know when this update will be available, on September 29th, but we will keep you informed.

All our impressions of Steelrising are available in our test. If you want to get it, know that our partner,, offers great discounts on the PC version of the title:

  • PC
  • Standard Edition  → €26.49 instead of €49.99, i.e. 47% reduction.
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