For more than three years, Apex Legends has united millions of players, thanks in particular to the new features introduced at a steady pace. However, before arriving in game, these new things, be it weapons, objects or Legends, are seen and reviewed, with the aim of not upsetting the meta and the balance. Sometimes these prototypes scale extensively before making it into Apex Legends, sometimes they just don’t arrive.

Eric Canavese, Senior Designer, and Devan McGuire, Lead Designer, spoke about it on Reddit, yielding some interesting trivia. For instance,the Rampage, which we all know, could have offered a much different experience, since it was designed to be like a flamethrower. The weapon could have allowed players to ” paint ” a line of flame, both on the floor and on the walls, burning players, but Respawn ultimately felt this was going to alter the meta too much.

The other interesting little story is that we could have discovered a shotgun with bouncing bullets. The prototype proposed, indeed, a weapon which saw each one of its balls bouncing in the part, or the environment. Obviously, each time the bullet collided with an object, it lost speed, but this weapon never saw the light of day. The developers felt that it was ” not fair to be defeated by enemies you couldn’t see.

Nevertheless, given the community’s interest in this subject, it is not impossible that a temporary game mode will one day allow you to try out these weapons that have never been released, or that the developers share a video to show us what they looked like.If you want to have more information about Apex Legends or join an active community to share pleasant moments with other players, we invite you to join the Apex Legends France Community Discord.

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