Electronic Arts announced, to everyone’s surprise, an Iron Man game. The project is still in its infancy, but we already know that it is a third-person action adventure game, telling a totally original story. The objective with this production will be, among other things, to allow players to feel the effect of embodying the superhero.

But one piece of information went a little unnoticed during this announcement. It’s about the fact that Electronic Arts didn’t have just one game from the Marvel universe in the works. Other projects are also in development, or under consideration, since EA and Marvel have launched “  an exciting new collaboration ” and Iron Man (which does not the first of several new games ”.

This therefore implies that other Marvel games will arrive in the coming years, developed by one of the Electronic Arts subsidiaries. If patience will be required to learn more about this Iron Man game, it will be necessary to be more to know which are the other licenses which will be adapted in video game, but one thing is certain, there will be the choice, as long as Marvel superheroes are plethoric and most loved by the community.

Regarding the Iron Man game, it has only just entered the pre-production phase. In fact, its release is absolutely not planned for immediately, and we will have to wait a few months, at least, before seeing the first images.

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