Available since the beginning of June, The Cycle had a very nice launch, although players have drifted away from the shooter a bit over time. But in an attempt to bring them back before the launch of season 2, a major event is organized. For one week, from now until September 28, players can enjoy the Cataclysm event, which will disrupt the world.

During this period, you will indeed be more likely to see storms and meteor showers. However, exploring meteors is not a bad idea, since they leave behind cores, which can be used to recover useful materials to craft legendary weapons,that cannot normally be crafted.

Once the event is over, levels and reputation will be reset, and all items destroyed, in preparation for Season 2. Naturally, acquired cosmetics and Aurum balances will carry over. But speaking of season 2, which arrives on September 28, know that you will be able to enjoy a multitude of new features, including a new mysterious map, Tharis Island, which brings a new endgame mechanic. We will know more about it very soon.

The Cycle  remains, as a reminder, available on PC, through Steam and the Epic Games Store. A release on consoles  is not to be ruled out if the game continues to perform.

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