We already know that the Borderlands franchise is waiting for new episodes, as well as a movie. The series has therefore not finished making people talk about it. But what Gearbox execs didn’t necessarily anticipate was the success of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. The project was originally intended to be a spin-off of the original series set in a paper role-playing game universe. But the game’s critical and commercial reception clearly exceeded the expectations of the studio itself.

The latter therefore decided to embark on new episodes for the Wonderlands series. However, we do not know much more about the nature of these episodes. Will we still be placed inside a role-playing game? Will the game still be centered around Tiny Tina? Will we have the right to other reference universes than heroic-fantasy? Gearbox will tell us more in due course.

If these new projects have only been mentioned for the moment, players who have enjoyed the game can fall back on the many DLCs that the original game already includes and which add new missions, allowing the duration to be extended a little further. life story from Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

As a reminder, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands can be found on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Series. If you want to get it while saving some money, our partner offers it to you with a discount on the following platforms:

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