Like every year, the new  FIFA  is eagerly awaited by an entire community, even if critics keep coming back, especially for the FUT mode and its gameplay which is not about realism, but very often about speed and the physical, which pushes players to buy a specific type of card. FIFA 23  is about to arrive, with many changes, but some lucky ones will have the opportunity to get their hands on it and experience these new features in preview, even before its official release.

How to play FIFA 23 early in early access?

If you too want to be among the privileged users who have  FIFA 23  in their hands earlier, know that it is possible. You have two solutions for this.

The first, the simplest (and above all the cheapest), is to  subscribe to an EA Play subscription , which costs 3.99 euros per month (0.99 euros if first subscription) or 24.99 euros per year. You will then  have access to FIFA 23 from September 27th . However, this test cannot exceed ten hours. Once this period has passed, you will have to wait for the release of the title to take full advantage of it.

The second, more expensive, is to buy  the Ultimate version  (sold for 99.99 euros), to be able to Play FIFA 23 starting September 27 , with no time restrictions. You can indeed have access to the game three days before its official release, and enjoy it to the full.

If you don’t want to go through either of these methods, you will unfortunately have to wait until September 30 and the release of  FIFA 23  on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. Nevertheless, no matter what, you can start your FUT season right now through the  Fut Web App or Companion App (mobile) .

Finally, know that you can get FIFA 23 while saving some money thanks to our partner offering it to you, at unbeatable prices, on:

  • PC
  • Standard Edition  →  €52.49 instead of €69.99, i.e. 25% reduction.
  • Xbox One et Series
  • Ultimate Edition  → €78.99 instead of €99.99, i.e. 21% reduction.
  • PS4 and PS5
  • PSN card €50  →  € 45.29 instead of €50, i.e. 9% reduction.
  • PSN card €20  →  € 18.99 instead of €20, i.e. 5% reduction.

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