Released in 2019 on Xbox and PC, then a year later on PS4, Hunt: Showdown is the subject of a real follow-up from its developers, the studio Crytek. Indeed, the software regularly hosts updates, events and DLCs, bringing new content. For example, from the end of July until September 25, players can experience the Serpent Moon event. But that’s not all.

Hunt: Showdown has just welcomed a new DLC, called “The Penitent”, available on all the gaming platforms concerned. This additional paid content obviously brings new features. First of all, by purchasing this DLC, players will be able to play witha new legendary hunter: Damien Yedeiah, known as the Penitent. In addition, this extension offers new equipment:

  • Two legendary weapons:
  • Delirium – Caldwell Rival 78
  • The Scourge – Nagant M1895 Officer
  • A legendary item:
  • False Sacrament – Regenerative Injection

Note that said DLC is currently benefiting from a promotion on Steam and is therefore sold at €8.99 instead of €9.99. This offer ends on September 29. As you can already imagine, it is of course necessary to have the base game, Hunt: Showdown, to take advantage of this additional content.

If you want to get Hunt: Showdown, know that our partner,, offers it to you at a lower cost:

  • PC
  • Standard Edition  → €24.49 instead of €39.99, i.e. 39% reduction.
  • PlayStation
  • PSN card €50  → € 45.29 instead of €50, i.e. 9% reduction.
  • PSN card €20  → € 18.99 instead of €20, i.e. 5% reduction.

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