Respawn Interactive has decided to respond strongly after its development teams are the subject of numerous hate messages, especially on social networks. The studio even published an official press release, on its Twitter account, to highlight its condemnation without appeal of the phenomenon. The studio emphasizes the importance of criticism and constructive feedback from players in the development and healthy evolution of the game to meet the expectations of the community.

But this need to return should not be used to convey hatred and harassment against the teams. Respawn also says a zero-tolerance policy will be in place for such inappropriate behavior.

— Respawn (@Respawn) September 22, 2022

For the moment, the creators of Apex Legends have stated that actions will be taken in order to preserve the health and safety of the teams, without however specifying the concrete nature of these actions and the consequences on those responsible for the harassment. The origin of the phenomenon would be, among other things, an imbalance in the aiming of certain paid weapon skins which would have favored certain players.

As a reminder, Apex Legends recently kicked off the Beast of Prey temporary event, allowing you to enjoy a new game mode.

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