Now well embedded in the video game landscape, and in constant progress for a few months, MultiVersus  welcomes a new major update. This introduces, in addition to a multitude of balances, a new character, Rick, who joins his grandson Morty.

You can find the important elements of the MultiVersus September 27 1.03 update patch notes   below. This update should cause a small server maintenance  for a few minutes.

MultiVersus Update 1.03


  • Rick Sanchez joins MultiVersus! Rick is a new mage-type character added to the roster!
  • The experience required to go from mastery level 3 to 15 on a character has been doubled.
  • We found that players could reach Mastery Level 15 too quickly. This change will help us make progression a bit more like a journey.
  • Improved loading performance for PS4 and Xbox One.
  • The starting character offered for completing the introductory tutorial is no longer Wonder Woman, but Sammy. Wonder Woman can now be acquired for Gold or Gleamium.
  • Attack reduction steps have now been incorporated into the introductory tutorial.
  • We fixed an issue that was only causing Wonder Woman or Reindeer Hound bots to spawn in Co-op vs AI.
  • We fixed an issue that prevented some players from equipping profile icons.
  • We fixed an issue that caused the game to hang during the endgame screen.

Extension Twitch

  • Fixed minor visual issues.
  • We’ve added “Fighter’s Vote”, which allows broadcasters to poll their audience for which character to play. Spectators who play MultiVersus count for more votes.
  • Viewers who have MultiVersus will be able to collect free toasts from Twitch channels equipped with the extension.


Against infinite combos

  • We have implemented a new system against infinite combos which will reduce the power of attacks if the same move has been used 4 times or more in the same combo. The goal is to subtly limit infinite combos and make combos more creative. We hope these changes inspire players to explore new and rewarding combos.
  • We initially thought of setting the maximum of identical attacks to 3, but we wanted to have more margin to evaluate the change. We’ll be monitoring this and are open to feedback on how we can improve this system!
  • The option to choose between 4 and 8 directions on the right stick (c-stick) has been added to the settings menu.

Projectile system

  • We are continuing to update the projectile system on this patch. The most notable contribution is the addition of a new category of so-called “light” projectiles for projectiles that do not repel. The only light projectiles currently in the game are Rick’s uncharged blaster and the pies fired from the Neptr support item.

Arya Stark

  • Fixed an issue that allowed Arya to do significantly more damage than intended.
  • Fixed an issue that caused hit boxes from stolen attacks to be unreliable.
  • We’re still looking for improvements to Arya’s High Special, but we’ll need more time to get it right. Expect more in the future.

Bugs Bunny

  • Aerial Low Attack: The hitbox has been slightly reduced to better match the visual.

Finn the human

  • Aerial Side Attack: It is no longer possible to ignore special aerial limits by chaining the attack.
  • Downward Air Attack: Instant cancel on impact removed.
  • Side Ground Attack: Instant jump cancel on impact removed.


  • Ground Low Attack: Garnet now retains some of its speed while attacking
  • High Ground Attack: Recovery reduced by 3 frames on impact. This change should improve Garnet’s ability to chain after a successful attack.
  • Low Air Attack: The active hitbox frame starts 2 frames earlier.
  • Neutral Air Attack: Recovery reduced by 3 frames on impact. This change should improve Garnet’s ability to chain after a successful attack.


  • Jump Speed: Increased jump speed from 3400 to 3700.
  • Neutral Air/Ground Special: Musical Note life changed from 9 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • Ground Side Special: The car is now considered a heavy projectile.
  • Airside Special: Recovery reduced by 5 frames.
  • Aerial Low Special: The attack can now be canceled by a jump.

Harley Quinn

  • Low Special: Fixed an issue where the Spring Devil would not always hit stacked enemies.

The Iron Giant

  • Neutral Special: Bolts are no longer destroyed when they leave the blast area, but the Iron Giant is not knocked out.

Jake the dog

  • Low Ground/Airborne Special: While inside the House and on the ground, Jake no longer knocks down enemies.
  • Ground Low Attack: Recovery increased by 4 frames on miss.


  • Changed: Experimental tag removed.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the bullet to disappear when thrown near the enemy.
  • Neutral Ground/Air Special: When an ally receives a pass, it generates a small explosion that knocks enemies back. Ball speed on a blind pass increased from 3000 to 3200.
  • Low Ground/Airborne Special: No longer blocks heavy projectiles.
  • Neutral aerial attack with the ball: No longer breaks armor on the first hit.


  • Changed: Experimental tag removed.


  • Air Side Special: Recovery increased by 3 frames on miss.
  • Aerial Neutral Attack: No longer breaks armor on the first hit.

Steven Universe

  • Special high on the ground/air: Smoothed the movement so that the attack does not jerk.
  • Attack side on the ground 1 – 3: Smoothed the movement so that the attack does not jerk. The first attack can now chain earlier with the second. The second attack can be chained earlier with the last. Forward movement during attacks is increased so they hit more reliably.
  • Airside Attack: Increased knockback from 13.5 to 14.5. Steven’s horizontal elimination potential was very small. We hope that this change will help him on this point.
  • Ground/Air Side Special: Slightly increased projectile speed.
  • Aerial Low Attack: Active frames in the hitbox start 2 frames earlier. This change makes hit frames more in line with animation.


  • High Ground Attack: Decreased Charged Knockback scaling from x1.5 to x2. Cancel charge reduced by 4 frames. This should make the attack a bit more risky.
  • Neutral ground attack: Charge cancellation reduced by 4 frames.
  • High Air Special: Recovery increased by 12 frames on miss. Lowered the base knockback of low throw. This should reduce the effectiveness of camping strategies in front of the wall.

Tom and Jerry

  • Attacked on the ground side 1: The active window of the hitbox is increased by 2 frames. Recovery increased by 4 frames on miss.
  • Ground Side Attack 2: Recovery increased by 4 frames on miss.
  • Air Side Attack: Recovery reduced by 3 frames. Recovery from landing cancel reduced by 7 frames.
  • Aerial Low Attack: Recovery reduced by 3 frames. Landing cancel recovery window shifted by 3 frames.
  • Neutral Ground/Air Special: Jerry returns to Tom if he is killed while on an ally.


  • High Ground Special: Fixed an issue that caused Vera’s Flask to not reliably accumulate ice stacks.
  • Neutral Ground/Air Attack: Words of Support’s speech bubble no longer consumes an additional ammo charge. Bubbles from boosted allies no longer apply a debuff stack.
  • Aerial low attack: The knockback angle is more horizontal.
  • Aerial High Ground/Aerial: Recovery increased by 3 frames.
  • Neutral Ground/Air Special: Allies’ increased radius no longer applies a debuff stack. Allies increased radius base knockback increased from 1750 to 1600.



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