Toxicity seems to be the prerogative of all online games, especially when we add a competitive factor to it. Each player in the industry has tried to contribute to the building in order to limit the propensity that players may have to ruin the collective gaming experience.

Overwatch had tried, on its own scale, by setting up an artificial intelligence system to examine these problem behaviors, in addition to the reporting system available in the game. A problem that could be complex, especially since the system must be prepared for the different languages ​​used in the different chats.

Despite these questions at the beginning of the system, the game management had declared thata significant decrease was observed in terms of toxicity and recurrence.

This time, a voice synthesis tool will be used. While sulphurous statements are fairly easy to identify in written chats, that’s another problem for vocal chats.

Overwatch 2 thus offers a new solution: the recording of voice chats. This is of course not to bug all voice chats in the game, just those where players have been reported by their teammates.

The audio will then be transcribed into text in order to be analyzed according to the same criteria as textual offenses. However, the game team specifies that in addition to moderation issues, these recordings are not intended to be kept and will be deleted immediately after their transcription. The transcriptions will be kept for thirty days for analysis.

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