In addition to the characters already present at the start of the adventure, players will have the opportunity to meet and unlock others on Disney Dreamlight Valley. On this subject, we tell you how to invite Moana and Maui into your world.

Unlock Moana and Maui in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In order to encounter and unlock Moana and Maui in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players will need to travel to Castle of Dreams. There, you will need to unlock access to the Kingdom of Moana. This will cost you 3,000 Dreamlight. From then on, all you have to do is enter the said kingdom.

Unlock Moana

Unlocking Moana is in no way complicated on Disney Dreamlight Valley. Nevertheless, you will have to complete some quests, given by said character. First of all, Moana will ask you to collect 8 pieces of wood and 3 pieces of silk (to be recovered by digging in the sand with your shovel) and bring them back to her, in order to repair the canoe.

Once this is done, go talk to Maui to be able to remove the marine debris, positioned around the canoe. He wants you to talk to Moana so you can learn more about her. You will then have to answer Maui’s questions, giving the correct answers. From then on, the latter will improve your pickaxe, which is now able to break up marine debris. Head towards the canoe and therefore use your tool on said turquoise-colored clusters (as in the image below).

Disney Dreamlight Valley - Marine Debris (Maui)
Now that the canoe is no longer blocked, you can begin your journey alongside Moana. During this new quest, called “How far will you go”, you will have to examine the card that said character gives you. This can be found in the “Collection” tab, then “Memories” of the in-game menu. Next, in order to light your way through the mist, you’ll need to get your hands on a torch. You will find it by going to the coral reef. By giving it to Moana, you can continue the quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley - Torche (Vaiana)
From now on, you will have to fish, because ” something is moving in the water”. To accomplish this objective, all you have to do is cast your line, more precisely in the circle appearing on the surface of the water. Show your catch to Moana. The latter will then be ready to move into the Valley.

All you have to do now is return to your world to set up Moana’s house. To do this, choose the location of your choice and pay the cost of building the structure, via the Scrooge panel (cost: 2,000 star coins). Moana will arrive in your world and you can welcome her by joining her at the Esplanade.

Disney Dreamlight Valley - Vaiana

Unblock Maui

After unlocking Moana, you may be interested in Maui. Unlocking him and inviting him into your world is relatively simple: just return to the kingdom of Moana and talk to him. The latter will then ask you to bring him 3 dishes with 3 stars (quest: “A feast worthy of a demi-god”). Gather the resources needed to make said dishes and cook them. On our side, we chose to make a hearty salad as well as a banana cake, among others.

Disney Dreamlight Valley - Maui Quest
Once you have the dishes in your inventory, return to the Kingdom of Moana and give them to Maui. Said character will then be ready to come and live in the Valley. From now on, you just need to set up his house (Quiet Cave) in the water. After paying the building cost (5,000 Star Coins), Maui will be unlocked. All you have to do is welcome him, by joining him near the Esplanade well.

Disney Dreamlight Valley - Maui
Remember that Disney Dreamlight Valley is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PC. You can also find the Gameloft title in the Xbox Game Pass. If you are new to Disney Dreamlight Valley, know that we have concocted several guides that can help you on your adventure.

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