Currently a terrible hurricane is hitting Florida with full force, which finds itself largely without electricity, not to mention the many missing in the open sea as well as in Cuba a little earlier. Well this hurricane, as crazy as it may seem, can be crossed by plane within the game Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Real-time weather for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Indeed, the MFS game adapts in real time to the world’s weather. If it rains in Brazil or if snow falls in Normandy, all of this will take place in-game in real time. The same goes for extreme weather events, like the famous Hurricane Ian. This is how many players are currently crossing this very dangerous storm zone.

Like that Microsoft Flight Simulator player in the video above flying through the hurricane aboard an F-16 Fighting Falcon. Or this other player who is in the eye of the storm:

It’s always a little curious to think that such a dramatic event could have an interest in a video game like Microsoft Flight, but that’s obviously the case here. This danger of nature inevitably attracts crowds who want to be “closer” while remaining comfortably seated at home.

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