Notice to frenetic racing fans, the next NFS has leaked. It is once again an insider with a strong reputation who spilled the beans. Here is what we know about the one called Need For Speed ​​Unbound.

Need for Speed ​​Unbound will be released this year

It all started with an enigmatic teaser from insider The Snitch on Twitter that was quickly deciphered. A certain Need For Speed ​​Unbound is about to be announced by EA. Quickly, his colleague Tom Henderson decided to deliver more details, starting with his release date. The next racing game would therefore be available on December 2. Bad news for Xbox One and PS4 players, its release will be exclusive to new generation consoles.

No other details have been revealed except that his announcement could be imminent. It could be today or two weeks from now. According to Henderson , the Need For Speed ​​Unbound announcement trailer is expected to be 1:30 minutes long and will feature a song by rapper A$AP Rocky. We remind you that according to the latest rumors, NFS should include cartoon elements to attract a younger audience. The communication of the game would have been delayed for this reason, the studio seeking to attract two different targets.

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