Snapchat is down today, September 30 2022. Snapchat is not working right now, let’s sort out what’s wrong with Snapchat and why it’s inaccessible 9/30/2022.

According to the graph provided by the Downdetector service we can see that 92 users are experiencing problems with Snapchat. Snapchat outages reported in the last 24 hours.

The most frequently reported problems with Snapchat today 2022/9/30

Most reported problems: App 51%, Server Connection 45%, Login 4%.

When will Snapchat start working?

There are no official announcements from the developers of Snapchat yet. We will update this news if more information becomes available.

What exactly is not working for you right now? Refresh the page from time to time and follow us – we add new information in real time. You can write a comment and attach a screenshot of what’s not working for you right now!


  1. Jax on 30.09.2022

    Snapchat allows me to send messages but it doesn’t let me send photos or screenshots

  2. Anonymous on 30.09.2022

    It’s not working for anyone

  3. Felix on 30.09.2022

    Cant send Snaps BUT i can text someone via snapchat

  4. Sunny Manwaring on 30.09.2022

    My snaps aren’t sending it’s just saying failed to send

  5. Anonymous on 30.09.2022

    nothing is sending

  6. tabi on 30.09.2022

    i can open the app use stories and spotlight etc but it won’t let me send it receive messages

  7. Kate on 30.09.2022

    Not sending snaps

  8. willow on 30.09.2022

    Alll my snaps arnt sending and are saying “failed to send” I checked my wifi and it is fine. There and many other people posting this on there story, the odd message will work but mostly just says sending. I can still post on my story and look at other peoples so I don’t know what’s happening

  9. Phoebe dolbear on 30.09.2022

    No one snaps are sending not mine not my mates or my sisters and it isn’t because of our WiFis Snapchat is down and no one knows why

  10. Mike on 30.09.2022

    Shit isn’t sending

  11. Ella on 30.09.2022

    What’s wrong with Snapchat?

  12. Anonymous on 30.09.2022

    snaps arnt sending

  13. Anonymous on 30.09.2022

    No snaps will send but dms still work

  14. Anonymous on 30.09.2022

    Snaps will not send, my friends are experiencing the same problem.

  15. Lilly on 30.09.2022

    I cant send any snaps

  16. Hannah on 30.09.2022

    Snaps are not sending

  17. Anonymous on 30.09.2022

    I can’t send snaps nor pictures in the chat

  18. Kate on 30.09.2022

    i cant send snaps to my friends
    i always get a notification sayimg that it couldn’t be sent

  19. Brooke on 30.09.2022

    Snaps won’t send and receive

  20. Anonymous on 30.09.2022

    Snaps arnt sendinf

  21. R on 30.09.2022

    I can send chats, but snaps just say failed to send. Uninstalled once and restarted the phone but same issue

  22. Anonymous on 30.09.2022

    My snaps aren’t sending and keep failing to send, I don’t wanna lose streaksss

  23. Yo mum on 30.09.2022

    No one’s snap are sending what’s the problem

  24. Raven Brown on 30.09.2022

    no snaps are sending, it always says ‘tap to retry’ but i’ve realised that only some, very few, snaps do send to certain people

  25. Cara on 30.09.2022

    My snaps randomly stopped sending and stopped receiving snaps but apprently it’s happening to everyone fix your app snapchat

  26. Anonymous on 30.09.2022

    How long will this be for what about our streaks

  27. Jonna on 30.09.2022

    When im trying to send a snap to my friends its just loading and then it days try again. Please fix this!!!! I dont wanna lose days/streaks with my friends

  28. Anonymous on 30.09.2022


  29. maizhuks on 30.09.2022


  30. Anonymous on 30.09.2022

    My snaps are not sending

  31. Jonathan Brylle on 30.09.2022

    Snaps are not sending at all and my friends are having the same problems as it is on everyone’s storys!

  32. Anonymous on 30.09.2022

    Im cant send snaps – they just say try again

  33. Cum on 30.09.2022


  34. Anonymous on 30.09.2022

    How long this going to take and what’s it doing

  35. Anonymous on 30.09.2022

    i can send chats but not snaps

  36. Mia on 30.09.2022

    Snapchat not working

  37. Rose on 30.09.2022

    Messages are up and running but actual snaps won’t send!! super weird for only that feature to be crashing

  38. peppa.grimess on 30.09.2022

    snaps not sending

  39. allie on 30.09.2022

    hurry up and fix snapchat i’m going to cey

  40. Anonymous on 30.09.2022

    Sending and receiving messages isn’t working

  41. Anonymous on 30.09.2022

    I need it to work again cause I’m going to lose streaks

  42. Khushi Gupta on 30.09.2022

    Snaps are not sending.

  43. JT on 30.09.2022

    im still confused why isnt it working today and when will it work?

  44. Anonymous on 30.09.2022

    hi i am unable to send snaps to any of my snapchat friends . if any of the streaks break how would i get them back ?

  45. Anonymous on 30.09.2022

    Fix Snapchat to U cunts only messages and story’s are sending why not photos 💀🖕

  46. Kate on 30.09.2022

    I can’t send my Snaps

  47. summer on 30.09.2022

    i think its because of the bestfriends list update launching October 1st

  48. Anonymous on 30.09.2022

    well this sucks

  49. Eleanor Smith on 30.09.2022

    Not being able to receive photos

  50. Prefer not to say on 30.09.2022

    My photos are not sending

  51. Sammy on 30.09.2022

    My snaps aren’t sending

  52. Kayleigh on 30.09.2022

    My photos aren’t sending but my chats are

  53. anna on 30.09.2022

    My streaks will be gone 🙁

  54. Unknown on 30.09.2022

    Streaks not sending

  55. Eve on 30.09.2022

    My red snaps aren’t sending but my blue snaps are

  56. kaitlyn on 30.09.2022

    no snaps are sending

  57. Taloolaa on 30.09.2022

    Snapchat is down for like everyone ik and I don’t know why but it’s only snaps not Messages I have full bars but “fails to send”. Group chats are working tho pls post more info or figure out why this is happening plssssss

  58. Katie on 30.09.2022

    Can’t send snaps

  59. Shya on 30.09.2022

    I am able to send messages and add to my story but just can’t send actul snaps.

  60. Sabrina on 01.10.2022

    I can’t login into my Snapchat, I have 8 years memories on it 😔

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