The teams of World of Warcraft implemented, during Shadowlands, the current extension, a new mechanic: the cross-faction. The possibility for Alliance players to form groups, for dungeons or raids, with members of the Horde, and vice versa.

A decision that came to draw a line under one of the founding and emblematic aspects of the game, the permanent war between the two enemy factions. It was a controversial, but realistic choice on the part of Blizzard. The main reason for cross-faction is the imbalance that exists between the Horde and the Alliance in terms of population.

Over the extensions, the gap widened more and more, to the detriment of the blue faction. This resulted for players in increasingly long group search times, which ruined the gaming experience. Impossible indeed, to advance in the endgame part of the game without dungeons, not to mention the raids that require even larger groups.

It is in this context that Dragonflight will become the first expansion in the history of World of Warcraft to offer a cross-faction raid upon its release. Players will be able to group together, regardless of their allegiance, to attack the Vault of Incarnations. Note that this will also be the first time that(Normal, Heroic, and Mythic) when it launches on December 12.

As for the raid tool, which also mixes all players, the different wings will be available on December 19, January 2 and January 16. The Dragonflight extension will be released on November 29  in our region.

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