The official launch of the extension will take place 86 days after the launch of its beta, which lasted a little less than a quarter. A historically short duration for a beta phase of  World of Warcraft , which is usually around four months. Especially since the new extension is heavy in changes. New class, new race, overhaul of the talent tree, new mount mechanics … A list to which is added the usual lot of places exclusive to the expansion: the Dragon Islands.

The continuation of your adventure in Azeroth will begin on November 29 at midnight , for metropolitan France. On this occasion, the ” Winds of Wisdom» are back in the game. The opportunity for latecomers to get up to speed to start the new expansion calmly. This is also the perfect time to try out other classes or races with a new character if you feel like it.

Dragonflight Date Announce Trailer | World of Warcraft

When you arrive in the new areas, you can enjoy eight exclusive dungeons . The first half of these dungeons will be available during level-up phases up to level 70, with the other half opening up to you once the maximum level has been reached.

You will have to wait until December 12 to take advantage of the first raid of the expansion , the Caveau des Incarnations. Also note that the interface will also experience some changes. Its customization possibilities have been improved by the developers. An attempt by Blizzard to offer an internal alternative to third-party software, which has been popular with gamers for many years.

It remains to be seen whether Dragonflight will meet the expected success, Blizzard’s MMORPG being on a downward slope in terms of critical reception with the many negative feedback from the community about Battle for Azeroth, but especially Shadowlands . The absence of a major scenario issue in the immediate future does not help the launch of the future expansion either.

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