Like the Heart of Lapis or the Noctilucous Jade, the Anemophilous Mushroom is a very important resource in Genshin Impact. This is, for example, part of the materials required for the elevation of certain characters. Therefore, we show you, below, where to find Anemophilous Mushrooms in Genshin Impact.

Finding Anemophilous Mushrooms in Genshin Impact

In the Mondstadt area

Unlike Lapis Heart  or Noctilucous Jade, finding Anemophilous Mushrooms in Genshin Impact does not require you to have progressed significantly in the main quest. Indeed, it is enough to have reached the City of Mondstadt to find some of them. Nevertheless, to recover some, it is advisable to be interested in very specific zones. According to the in-game description, the Anemophilous Mushroom is “ a mushroom that grows under the caress of the breeze. It prospers like the wind that always blows, nourishing life ” and can therefore be found “ under the ledges ”.

Genshin Impact - Champignon anémophile

Therefore, go to the City of Mondstadt. Once you are there, take an interest in the different buildings that are all around you and look up. In some places, and mainly on the exterior facades of the infrastructures, you should see anemophilous mushrooms clinging to the walls and wooden beams. All you have to do is climb to reach them and collect them. You will find them, in particular, on the mills of the City of Mondstadt.

Genshin Impact - Anemophilous Mushroom (City)
Note that you can also collect Anemophilous Mushrooms in Deauclaire, for example. Located near the Domaine de l’Aurore, this small village is also made up of a mill, located in the center, and several dwellings.

You will have understood it, to recoverAnemophilous Mushrooms is in no way complicated on Genshin Impact. Besides, as said before, this resource can be very important for the rest of your adventure. On our side, we had to get some in order to raise and increase the level of Barbara.

Genshin Impact - Anemophilous Mushroom (Deauclaire)
Know that you can help yourself with an interactive map of Genshin Impact, if you need to find certain resources, ores and materials quickly and easily.

Finally, remember that Genshin Impact can be found on PlayStation consoles, but also on smartphones (iOS and Android). you can collect some bonuses (Primo-gems, Moras, etc.) thanks to the exchange codes.

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