Eight months after the arrival of Horizon Forbidden West, and while the first opus could know a remaster / remake, as implied by a rumor, an announcement as to the future of Aloy’s adventures seems imminent.

Indeed, a few days ago Lance Reddick, the actor who lends his features to the character of Sylens, published a video on his Twitter account, before deleting it, in which we can see that he was working for new sessions of motion capture, as evidenced by the dots on his face. Also, the mention “ Working for a session of Horizon Forbidden West ”, which may imply that new things are coming.

Did Lance Reddick just confirm Horizon Forbidden West DLC? 👀 pic.twitter.com/GLsG0OSib9

— Okami Games (@Okami13_) September 30, 2022

Obviously the first thing we think about is the release of a DLC, as had been the case in 2017, after the launch of Horizon Zero Dawn. At the time, we were able to welcome the massive expansion The Frozen Wilds, which allowed you to discover a new game area. It is therefore possible that  Guerrilla Games is working on a DLC for Forbidden West, with the aim of extending the adventure. However, all of this must be taken conditionally, pending an official announcement from Sony or the developers.

These new motion capture sessions could also take place as part of the port of the PC version, which has not yet been announced, but which seems likely given that the first opus was made available on this platform during the summer of 2020. In any case, remember that the license should continue to live, with a third opus, as explained by Mathijs de Jonge, director of the game.

Horizon Forbidden West remains available on PlayStation 5. But if you do not have it yet, our partner offers it to you for the sum of € 36.99 at instead of €79.99, i.e. 54% off.

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