Blue essences

This is the main type of essence that you can encounter in LoL as soon as you arrive. Their primary use is to allow you to acquire “champions”, the characters of League of Legends. Although there is a rotation of free champions every week, it is essential to have some permanently on your account. Especially if you want to take an interest in the “Ranked” mode, which requires you to be at least level 30 and to have at least 20 champions. You certainly won’t master all the champions in the game, but having them all, at least some of them, is a definite advantage.

This makes it possible to exchange a champion with a teammate during the selection phase, during Draft games. You can’t trade champions you don’t own, so it’s imperative to hold as many as you can to help your allies choose them.

Besides buying champions, blue essencesalso help to improve their level of proficiency. With each game with a champion, you earn mastery points which make you gain levels of the same name. Once you reach mastery level 5, you still have two levels to reach, but the method is no longer the same. You will need to get tokens from the character you want to level up (two for level 6, three for level 7). Once you have your hard-earned tokens, you will also have to shell out an amount of blue essence to get the coveted level of mastery.

Finally, on rare occasions, Riot opens the Blue Essence Shop, a space where you can exceptionally acquire Chromas with said currency. Chromas are color changes for your characters, whether it’s the base model or certain skins. They are normally only purchasable with Riot Points, the paid in-game currency.

Blue essence


How to get more blue essence?

Blue essences are obtained by:

  • playing games
  • Completing missions
  • Opening Chests or Champion Pods
  • Scrapping champion shards or champions
  • Spending fantastic essences

Essences oranges

Orange essences are primarily used to obtain cosmetic items in your client’s crafting tab. They allow you to recover skins, beacon skins, summoner icons, emotes, or even unlock series of Eternals for your champions. With the exception of Eternals and emotes, all of these items are obtainable as shards from chests.

Orange Essence


How to get more orange essence?

Orange essences can be obtained by:

  • Opening hextech chests or ceremonial chests
  • Scrapsing skin shards or skins (both champion and ward)
  • Recycling series of Eternals
  • Completing missions in certain events
  • Spending fantastic essences

Fantastic Essences

Another currency that is primarily used to acquire cosmetics is Fantasy Essences. They can be spent in the Fantasy Shop. It’s a rotation that changes with every update and features prestige edition skins, fantasy skins including one with border and icon, beacon skin, chroma and icon, emote, skin shards, or orange and blue essences.



How do I get more Fantastic Essences  ?

Fantasy Essences can be obtained by:

  • Completing event missions
  • Opening event capsules or chests
  • Passing Summoner Levels
  • Passing loot tiers (doable by opening ceremonial chests, available for Riot Points)

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