No Man’s Sky, developed by Hello Games, first arrived on PS4 and PC, before getting an Xbox One port in 2018. Two years ago, the PS5 and Xbox Series versions of the title were released. But that’s not all. Indeed, No Man’s Sky is about to land on Nintendo Switch. The release date of this port is set for October 7th.

On this date, the developers at Hello Games also plan to deploy the 4.0 update on all gaming platforms. If the full patch notes have not yet been released, some information about its content is availablealready known. Indeed, Sean Murray recently spoke with the journalists of, on this subject.

The founder of the studio thus indicated that this patch will introduce a new game mode, called in English ” relaxed mode “, via which players will be able to take advantage of the sandbox dimension of the title, without having to concentrate too much and worry about the survival aspect. In addition, the inventory has been redesigned and also increased. In addition, the developers have reworked the survival mode to offer even more challenge: ” Over time, as you progress and level up, the game is no longer as difficult, so we have reworked that and increased [the difficulty of] the survival dimensionexplains Sean Murray. Finally, the 4.0 update should allow everyone to configure their gaming experience as they wish thanks to new options.

As a reminder, the 4.0 update arrives on October 7 on No Man’s Sky, the day of release of the Nintendo Switch version. Note also that a physical edition  of the software, for PS5, must be available on the same date.

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